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SEO Continuation Services

SEO Continuation Services is the most indispensable process for continuously winning online marketing. It is like advertising in the news paper for brand building.
The needs for the SEO Continuation Services are:
  • To ensure your website to appear at the highest position possible.
  • New competitor may arise and out rank your website.
  • Search engine algorithm transforms.

Watch Search Engine Rank

Search Engine Ranking has to be monitored constantly due to
  • Search engine algorithm changes frequently
  • New or existing competitor may push down your current ranking
  • Check whether you have picked the most excellent keyword and phrases.
  • Check whether your SEO strategy working

SEO Competitive Intelligence

At Wisensoft, we do Competitive Intelligence rather than competitor analysis since in SEO; we can’t identify the competitors in the traditional sense. We classify your competitors into two different categories:
  • Business Competitors
  • Keyword Competitors

Business Competitive Intelligence

Business Competitor website casual knowledge like Title Tag, Meta Description, Keywords, links etc typically is not enough in competitive analysis. Rather, business competitors should be analyzed systematically; using organized competitor intelligence gathering to compile two kind of information so that well informed SEO decisions can be made.
  • On-Site Competitive Intelligence
  • Off-Site Competitive Intelligence

Keyword Competitive Intelligence

For keyword competitors, we investigate the various factors that might be in play to help these Web sites to rank, while yours may not.

Website Traffic Tracking

For a successful website, website traffic tracking and analysis is a vital part as it will help you to increase your conversion rate for sales.
From the website traffic analytic tool like Google Analytics, we monitors
  • from where your flow of website traffic is coming from,
  • what keywords are being used to find your web pages and
  • How visitors move through your web pages.
  • From which page the online visitor leaves
Based on the analytics data, we make fine-tuning accordingly to optimize the on-site and off-site to increased targeted traffic.

Long tail keyword research

To construct the continuation SEO, investigate for new keywords is indispensable. Based on the analytics data, we will be aiming for more related keyword drifts of your business.

Fresh Content and Existing Content Fine Tuning

To have a continuous success with SEO, we add new content (new pages/new articles) for your website on consistent basis. Every new web page / new article added
  • Creates a new entry point for your website
  • Increases the rate of recurrence at which major search engines will spider or crawl your web site.
  • Improves search engine ranking
From the existing content, we will investigate for the new keywords and tweak the existing content according to the analytics data.
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