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Check In Check Out (Floating) Asset Management Tracking – WisenIOTrack

WisenIOTrack is an affordable solution for effectively track the floating assets. It is an ideal solution for any assets that have revolving ownership or possession. With WisenIOTrack, for effectively track of floating assets should not be daunting challenges for your business.
WisenIOTrack can be used to track
  • Laptops
  • File folders
  • Equipments / Tools
  • Video’s or rental items
  • Product samples
WisenIOTrack consists of two parts
  • Check In Check Out Assets Management
  • Check In Check Out Assets Tracking

Check In Check Out Asset Management Software

Check In Check Out (Floating) Asset management involves managing of physical assets as Laptop etc. Normally Check In Check Out process is performed by scanning a barcode that has been affected to the asset.
Wisensoft’s WisenIOTrack is a Check In Check Out off-the-shelf asset management software that can be used from small to large organizations.
WisenIOTrack provides a flexible tool to find the information you need about your check in check out assets.

Check In Check Out Asset Tracking

Tracking Check In Check Out assets is an important concern for every business. Many organizations face significant challenges to track check in check out asset inventory. WisemIOTrack allows organizations.
  • To track their floating assets
  • Where it is located
  • Who has the asset
  • When it was checked in
  • When it was checked out

Check In Check Out Asset Tracking Features

WisenIOTrack features
  • Multi gate tracking
  • Track unlimited number of assets
  • Alert calibration date
  • Alert insurance renewal date
  • Alert warranty expiry date
  • Various asset registers
  • Various check in check out asset movement register

Check In Check Out Assets Registers

  • Asset Register Purchase Date Wise
  • Asset Register Asset Category Wise
  • Asset Register Department Wise
  • Asset Register Employee Wise
  • Asset Register Vendor Wise
  • Asset Movement Register Date Wise
  • Asset Movement Register Employee Wise
  • Asset Movement Register Site Wise Gate Wise
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